• Online PDI Competition No.3

    During this prolonged Covid-19 closure of the club, it was decided to hold a series of online digital competitions in order to keep members involved with the club as well as maintaining their interest in photography.

    For this third competition, members were asked to respond to the subject of “Patterns and Textures” when selecting their images. In all, fifty-one were submitted by eleven club members covering a very wide variety of interpretations as can be appreciated from the slide show on our home page. In a change from our usual club competitions, when we invite an accredited judge to comment and mark members’ pictures, we decided once again on the more democratic approach in which all club members would be invited to act as judge and jury by recording what they think about each image and to mark each one out of twenty. (Their own entries had to be marked with a zero).

    Following the competition deadline, the marks for this open competition were averaged for each image resulting in the following three top placed images:

    In joint second place with an average score of 17.60 came

    ELEPHANT EYE and LONDON LIVING both by David Richardson

    And our winner this time with an average score of 17.70 was

    LIGHTNESS by Dave Johnson

    Congratulations to all the members who entered images and participated in this third online competition. I felt the overall standard of entry was good considering the challenge set by the subject, and it was certainly a great pleasure viewing them all. As you know, we would love to hear from anyone with ideas and suggestions for future versions of this competition.