Bob Hoare


When I was born, dad was a navigator on a Lancaster bomber and, after the war, he spent time in Germany where acquired a Voigtlander  35mm folding camera with a viewfinder, This was the camera that I first learnt to take photos with. Although these were mainly holiday snaps, I gradually added photography to my list of many interests, (too many, probably). I am an artist and have been for as long as I can remember and now feel that my photography has become an extension of my art and, in fact, combines well with many of my other interests, such as sport, music, wildlife, and of course, my family. I have owned many cameras, starting with a Brownie box camera, (stolen from me in 1963), a Russian Cosmic 35, (my first 35mm camera) which I bought after the birth of my 1st son, Marcus, in 1964. Recording my children became important to me so, when I could afford it, I purchased a Zenith E. Through the years I have owned many cameras, improving every time, they include several Olympus, Pentax, and Minoltas. I was in the Havant camera club for a while because my wife was a model for them in the late 60’s. I had a 2 and a quarter square Rollei and I bought some second hand studio lights. I also converted my bathroom into a darkroom and processed my own black and white photos, I was taking a lot of  black and white pictures and colour slides. When the digital era arrived I was using a Minolta dynax 7D so it made sense to acquire a Minolta DSLR because I had lenses that could still be used. When Sony took over Minolta I bought a couple of Sony cameras. In 2008 I put a picture into the RNLI competition and won 1st prize, and I was urged to join the camera club, which I did, briefly. At the time I had health problems but, being at the club changed my outlook and encouraged me to move on with my photography. With this in mind I bought a Canon 550, then a Canon 5D Mk 11. I have several lenses covering a range from 10mm up to 500mm. Most frequently used are my 24mm-105mm, and 70mm-300mm. I rejoined the club 3 years ago.


If you could photograph anything, what would it be and why?

I would dearly like to go on an African safari, or photograph sharks underwater for the challenge and excitement.


Since joining the camera club what have you learned that you didn't know before?

Since joining the club, my interest in photography has shot up dramatically as has my knowledge in using the camera and also my use of software processing. I use Lightroom 5, Picasa 3,(the free one from Google), and Adobe Elements 10.


What is it you like about taking photographs?

I like to capture moments and enjoy going out on ‘assignments’, and covering events especially if they involve Kyra, my 9 yr old granddaughter, my favourite model.      


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