Competition Rules for the 2018/19 Season



         Competitions are open to all members of the club

•          A mark out of twenty is awarded by the judge in any Projected Digital Image (PDI) or Print competition held by the club.

•          A Certificate of Merit (COM) will be awarded to every competition entry receiving eighteen marks or above

          as follows: Gold certificate for 20 marks, Silver certificate for 19 marks and Bronze certificate for 18 marks.

•          In the case of more than one entry being awarded 20 marks, the judge will be asked to select the overall trophy winner. The remaining entries gaining 20

          marks will be recognised with Runner-Up Certificates

•          Trophies and Runner-Up Certificates will be presented on the occasion of the club's annual dinner in July

•          All images, be they prints or PDIs, must have been taken by the member entering the competition.

•          PDIs or prints may have been processed either professionally or at home, and may be digitally enhanced.

•          Members may submit a print or PDI in more than one competition as long as the picture has never qualified for a certificate of merit,

          i.e. gained 18 marks or more in any competition. Past competition entries may be selected by the committee for entry in inter-club competitions


•          Each PRINT competition allows a maximum of five entries per member unless otherwise specified below.  

•          Prints must be mounted on board.  The maximum size of mount is 50.4cm x 40.3cm (This is an ideal mount size for A3 prints. For A4 size prints,

          a mount size of 40.3cm x 30.3cm is recommended).  Each entry should have the following information clearly marked on the back:

          +   A title

          +   The member’s name and membership number

          +   A number from 1 to 5 on the back of each print mount to indicate preference as follows: 1 indicating the most preferred to 5 indicating the least preferred

                (In the event of the competition being oversubscribed, the highest numbered print may be withdrawn from the competition).  


•          Each PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGE (PDI) competition allows a maximum of five entries per member unless otherwise specified below.

         The maximum image size for PDI entries is 1920 pixels width X 1080 pixels height.

•          Image files must be attached to an email and sent to Dick Read at dick@dickread.plus.com

•          Before sending PDIs, please ensure that you set the file name correctly, with the title in capital letters followed by "by" and your name in the usual mix of

          upper and lower case. e.g. CHILLY CLOISTER by Nicholas Parsons

•          Within the body of the email, members should number the titles in order of preference in case it proves necessary to reduce the number of DPIs from five to

          four in respect of members submitting the maximum number of entries



       There will be several open and set-subject competitions each season for PDIs and prints.  Members may submit a maximum of five items per competition.  

•          Not all open and set subjects are on same night so check your programme.

•          If the total number of entries in any competition is too high, then some higher numbers may be omitted.  

          The total number of entries for any one competition will be at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.

•          Entries for competitions must be submitted on the due date at the club night shown in the programme or at a time agreed with the Competition Secretary.


The John Sayers Landscape Cup:

•          Awarded to the best Landscape PDI in this competition.

•          In addition to traditional views of the countryside and unspoilt vistas, it will also be acceptable to submit images of cityscapes, views of urban areas and

          coastal scenes including sections of water. However, all images must include some land !!


The Turner Trophy:

         This trophy is awarded to the best print of the year as judged by members.  Only prints which have received a COM. during the current year may be entered.


The Abel / Peter Clark Trophies:

         This is a competition for a panel of three prints, or a three-part PDI, each having a distinct link, theme or story.  You may submit up to five entries, either five

           sets of prints or five PDIs, or a combination of the two formats .  The judge will mark each picture individually out of five, plus a mark out of five for the link

           value, giving a possible total of twenty.

•          Print mounts must be marked: LEFT  CENTRE  RIGHT to indicate their position when displayed.

•          Each set of three prints or three-part PDI must be given one overall title

•          Entries may be entered into other competitions.

•          The Abel Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the print section and the Peter Clark Trophy to the winner of the PDI section.


The Turner Peninsula Trophy:

•          This is now a PDI competition. Entries must be clearly recognised to have been taken from or  within the Manhood Peninsula. (i.e. East to West: between

           Pagham Harbour and East Head. North to South: between the A27 and Selsey Bill).


The Eileen Savill Rosebowl:

         Awarded to the winning print in the first 'open' print competition.


The Barbers Trophy:

•          This is an 'open' PDI competition. From the 2016/17 season there will be two classes of entry: one for members who won a club competition during the

           previous season, and one for members who have not been so successful. There will be two winners, one for each class.


The Selsey Camera Club Trophy:

         This is a Black & White or Monochrome print competition for the Selsey Camera Club Trophy.  (Prints may be either 'bromide' or 'digitally produced').


The Colin Woods Rose Bowl:

         The most promising newcomer of the season wins this trophy.


The Selsey Camera Club Shield:

•          This trophy will be awarded to the winner of the annual Photo Board competition, as judged by members at the AGM


The Paul Ubsdell Wildlife Trophy:

         This trophy will be awarded to the best wildlife PDI

•          The following criteria will apply:


Eligible Subjects

•          Animal portraits or behaviour  in the wild or in their natural habitat. This may include birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, fish and

          underwater creatures.

•          Close-ups or wider views of wild flower plants and trees in natural settings.

•          Fungi


Eligible Settings

•          Wildlife subjects in their natural habitats. However, we will accept nature reserves, wetlands and zoos.

•          Parks, gardens and urban settings are also eligible so long as the subject is not a domesticated animal or an introduced plant species.


The following are not eligible:

•          Farm animals

•          Pets and other domestic animals


The Turner Trophy and Robert & Nicky Mole Shield:

         Every print and PDI gaining a Certificate of Merit is entered into the 'Print of the Year' and ‘PDI of the Year’ competitions respectively. This event is usually

          the penultimate meeting of the season, and the outcome of each competition is determined by a vote of club members attending on the evening.


Inter-Club Competitions:

•         We participate in the following: The MSW Shield (between Middleton, Selsey and the Witterings Camera Clubs);

•         An annual print & PDI "battle" with Hayling Island Camera Club;

•         A Mix & Match evening with the Witterings Camera Club;

•         We also enter the print and PDI leagues organised by the Southern Counties Photographic Federation.

•         Entries for all of these are selected by committee members, usually drawn from other club competition entries


October 2017



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