Martin Thomas

Hi , I'm Martin.


My life in photography started back in 1966 when my father bought me my first camera to take abroad to Switzerland - many school party visits abroad followed.  This was a fixed camera lens,35mm Agfa Optima 1A so I couldn't do much wrong with it, except wait for the little green circle to appear telling me I could then take a photo but not knowing whether they would come out . When I got back home he took it off me !!??


Some months later he bought me a Nikormatt FTn with a variable lens fixing. This I wasn't going to let him have back. Several years later when I started taking it seriously I purchased a Nikon FE - a better upgrade!


During my Civil Service days and Ambulance service career, later as a hobby, I started my own videography business progressing forward taking movies. I had used my father’s cine camera in the past and edited to reel to reel tape syncing it with the tape recorder. I bought a Pro Movie Broadcast camera, a Panasonic AG-DVX100Ae and I was then taking wedding movies etc for clients.


Now I turn my life around to retirement and enjoy both digital video and stills photography with my latest Nikon DSLR D800 .I have used this extensively taking videos and photographs with satisfying results both as an enjoyable hobby and for those who wish to use my expert skills.


If you could photograph anything what would it be?

I would be taking action photos and improving them


Since joining the camera club what have you learned that you didn’t know before?

I have learnt and increased my knowledge of taking the unseen subject, something that you wouldn't think of taking


What is it you like about taking photographs?

In the past when taking photos on film that didn't come out right, you learnt to handle the camera’s configuration with luck, judgment and guess work. Now it’s all Digital, you can review shots instantly, make adjustments and save them on a PC for post processing.  What next??


Martin W.B Thomas
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FAIRY TALE CAVERN by Martin   Thomas
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MIDNIGHT GHOST by Martin  Thomas
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AWAKING  SUN by MartinThomas
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SWANS REFLECTION by Martin   Thomas
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MISTY MORN by Martin Thomas
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THE OLD RUSTIC GANTRY by Martin   Thomas
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TREE BOATS IN THE LOCH by Martin   Thomas
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