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Please ensure that your digital images are resized correctly before submitting them for competitions. The following guidelines may be helpful to you:


* Firstly open your image in Adobe Photoshop or Elements.


* Make a duplicate copy of your image or re-save it using a different file name. (This will preserve your original image and avoid accidentally changing it).

* To make a duplicate copy:

* In Photoshop, click “Image” and select “Duplicate”

* In Elements click “File” and select “Duplicate”.

* A dialogue box will open with the name of your image followed by “copy”. Click “OK” and then close your original image which you will now find underneath your copy.

* To re-size your image:

* In Photoshop, click “Image” and select “Image Size”

* In Elements, click “Resize” and select “Image Size”

* The “Image Size” dialogue box will now open

* The maximum size for projecting a landscape image using the club’s software is currently 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels

* Therefore if you wish to submit an image with a landscape format, you will need to change the width setting to a maximum of 1920 pixels. To achieve this, highlight the current width setting and type in 1920.

* As you do so, the complementary height setting will appear below. Should this figure exceed 1080 pixels, reduce the width setting appropriately to bring the height down to 1080 pixels or less.

* If your image is a portrait format, you will have to change the height to a maximum of 1080 pixels. (Portrait images will appear smaller than landscapes on the competition night).

* Once resizing is complete, click “OK”.

* The next stage is to save your resized image with a file name that will be recognised by the club’s ImageComp Pro software.

* From the “File” menu, select “Save As”

* The “Save As” dialogue box will open and in the “File Name” box, the existing name of your image will appear highlighted

* Type in your chosen name for your image in capital letters, followed by a single space, followed by the word “by”, followed by another space, followed by your name in upper and lower case. (eg THE NEW FOREST by Teresa Green).

* The file format for club competitions needs to be JPEG. If this already appears in the “Format” box below, simply click “Save”.

* If your file is in a different format, (eg RAW) click inside the “format” box and a drop down menu will appear. From this, select JPEG and then click “Save”.

* Photoshop will now offer you a “JPEG Options” dialogue box. Select “12” for maximum image quality and click “OK”.

* All you have to do now is to submit your image(s) in one of the following ways:

* Save the images onto a CD or a Flash Drive (Memory Stick) and deliver it to the committee member responsible for collating all entries, (currently Dick Read)

* Email your images as attachments

* Dick Read’s contact details are as follows:

 07989 270747 /

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