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Beach combing evening

Six intrepid photographers braved the forecasted rain to head down to the beach for a forage among the groynes and strandlines. Sadly, our planned tour couldn't go ahead due to illness, but we headed out anyway to see what we could fine.

Despite warning spits of rain, the weather held off, and we all enjoyed the crashing waves and sea-scented grey skies. A star attraction was the well-worn wood of the groynes, which looked fantastic against the splash of the waves and moody skies. We also found hundreds of tiny snails, hiding in the nooks and crannies. Up in the strandline, there were cuttlefish bones, crab shells, and seaweeds of many kinds. Great for some up close, artistic shots.

We are looking forward to sharing all our photos with you in the next evening meeting, 20th May. If you couldn't join us, please feel free to bring some of your favourite shoreline photos to share as well!


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