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Members Presentation evening

This week we had a new style of meeting, drawing on the expertise from three of our most experienced members.


First, David Richardson shared some of his editing secrets with a varied selection of Original and Final shots. We learned how he decides what he wants from a photo, and how he draws this out the best with judicious editing, even when taken in less than ideal conditions. With thorough information on the settings used for each shot, this was a great presentation for those of us just getting into manual photography and editing. It's amazing how removing a blade of grass or a subtle vignette can make so much difference to the impact of a subject. Although some of the more complex edits may take some practice, some simple things like the vignettes can easily be added on most editing software and is definitely worth having a go!


Second up, Tony Storey took us on a 60 year journey through his love of train photography, from the earliest shot at Crewe station in 1963, to people having a good time re-enacting the war years in more recent times. He showed us some historic engines, like the Flying Scotsman, and occasions such as the 'farewell party' of a steam train heading off on its last journey before being transported to Australia. He also described how he tries to capture the human side of train infrastructure, with intimate interactions between rail staff. Finally, we saw some classic, beautiful scenic train photos, with steam and smoke rising through sunbeams and frost, and my favourite photo of the evening, a magnificently detailed silhouette.


After the interval, Pony Moore LRPS took us on a different kind of journey, as he charted his progression to his dream job as a sports photographer. As well as showing us how his style and skill developed over the years, he shared the ups and downs of making contacts in the industry, never letting uncooperative gate-keepers stop him pursuing his dream. He also shared some tips on how to find the best spot to capture the action pitch side, and how to tidy up the often 'messy' shots to make them palatable from competition judges! (Mostly toning down the inevitable pitch-side whites and getting faces in shot- unless they are in the crowd!) Not being a sports fan, it was enlightening to hear the stories behind some of his competition shots, and how much of a challenge it can be to capture just the right moment!


No matter your photographic interest, there was something for everyone to take away from the evening, whether it was how to set an editing goal, how to maintain a passion over decades, or how to never give up in the face of an obstacle!


Our next meeting is on the 16th October, and it is a club favourite- the table top session, kindly supplied by Dave Johnson, an extremely talented and creative still life photographer. I hope to see you there

Photos from presentations


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