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Tabletop Evening

The club annual tabletop evening is a great chance to try something a bit different. With thanks to Dave Johnson and his vast collection of bits and pieces, and a variety of backgrounds and light sources, we had a huge array of items to get creative with!

We set up a number of tables around the hall for people to work from, and extra tables with more items to choose from.


With so many little things to play with it was difficult to know where to start! The black reflective tiles- which Dave has used in a number of winning league entries- were popular, providing a deep, clean background and capturing beautiful reflections. Reflections were also a theme with the number of interesting glass objects- with shapes that captured and inverted the coloured backgrounds in different ways. Joan brought in a very nifty light box, which could light things up from below, leading to all sorts of creative effects, including an interesting almost under-the-microscope look. 'Mediative stone stacking' is quite the in thing at the moment, and a number of people tried to capture this in photographic form, stacking up pebbles and shells in piles or towers. Adding little people to these stacks made for some cute dioramas!


Relaxed, practical evenings like this are a great opportunity to focus on one idea, expanding upon it as you reorganise and adjust your layout, or they can be perfect those the indecisive types, who want to try out a lot of different concepts in one evening. It's also a fun chance to work together with other photographers, whether that's getting help with your camera settings, or lowkey stealing their ideas! 


At our next evening, having had a chance to fiddle around with post-processing, we shared our results, which you can see some of below. Many thanks to Dave Johnson for lending his brilliant collection of little things, and for those who sent in images to share. Much appreciated as always, and if you have more to share, please drop them in our Facebook group.


Our next meeting will be a night walk around Selsey on the 13th November - assuming it is not flooded! We will be in touch with further details, so keep an eye on your emails.

Photos from tabletop evening


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