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Marina Visit

As the evenings start to become brighter, we wanted to do a few more outdoor shoots for our Monday meetings. The first was a trip to Chichester Marina, with hopes for nautical themes, water wildlife, and a beautiful sunrise.

Several members showed up, and we too several different routes around the Marina depending on our interests and capabilities. By 7.45pm, it was already a touch too dark for my camera, so I mostly enjoyed the stroll and watched everyone else developing some creative flare by the Marina club house.

Sadly, the sunset was a touch muted, but the reflection of the cloudy sky on the still waters of the Marina lent a strange bluish tint to the air that was really quite beautiful, especially against the hard lines of all the masts.

By 8.30pm, it was almost dark, and most of us picked up to head for home. I admire those who stayed out with their tripods trying to make the most of the last light!

If you joined us on the walk, please bring your photos to the next sharing meeting on 20th May. If you couldn't make it this week, we have another outdoor shoot on 13th May, which will be a guided beach walk by Mulberry Marine Experiences. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know our own Selsey beach, and the things that dwell on the groynes and shore.


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